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Dare to enter this bloody time with open eyes- Aqu

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June 17th, 2005

06:46 pm
Wow sorry for the lag, been busy not sure about everyone else once i get out for the summer we can start i feel so horrible for leaving this rpg so dead >.

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April 24th, 2005

10:02 am
alright we have...four people we need to advertise! *thrus fist up in the air.*we can do it!*nods*

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April 15th, 2005

11:48 pm - Enter Shin- Mind breaker
Alright first OC Bio

Name- Shin, Last name unknown
Age- looks in his late teens 19-18
Hair color- Blonde
Eye Color- Red tinted, sometimes gold
Normal Out Fit- His school’s uniform, which consists of a light brown coat jacket and pants, white caller shirt, and magenta colored tie.
Ability/Faction/Group- Mind Breaker

Personality- Shin is a rather quiet guy who keeps his motives well hidden, so not much is known about him. He Enjoys chess, logic games, and over all messing with people’s heads. No matter what is going on, Shin keeps a calm exterior appearance. However, one thing one could notice about him, he cares for his team mates greatly even if he puts them in dangerous situations.

History- He was one of many who watched the battle between Kaoru and Mana and their teams both mind breakers had gathered. His group however works mostly in the shadows, very different than Mana who made a bold appearance within the Aquarian Age. Shin prefers to stick to the shadows and only pick off any groups who stand in their way. This leads in to the next fateful battle, a battle where none can escape from. (will edit and ad more as more is uncovered about his past later)

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April 14th, 2005

10:59 pm - A word from your mod-chan
heyo people alright who is up for double casting? (Either OC, or Minor Role i need to know)

2nd, for the person(s) who are up for double casting, and want an OC we need an 'evil' group to rival Mana-gumi's so brain strom with me or what not?

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03:55 pm - App
Your name- Cusa
Age- 19
Contact info- AIM: innocentjester email: harukanaru@gmail.com Lj: innocentjester
About you- Hi, I'm a rpg (whore) dork.
Other RPGs-
Istuki- juvinle orion rp
Eiji Kikumaru- Samurai
Minami Kentaroh- TP+3
Shishidou Ryou- TP+3
Dan Taichi- TP yoai rp
Yukimura- TP yaoi
Eagle Vision- FushigiYuugi rp
Amiboshi- Fushigi Yuugi Rp
Name of Character- Itsuki Naoya

(RP example-
I skipped once again.

I think its gotten to the point where the professor just assumes that I'm gone. If I do it offten enought I guess I could write a paper about it. Then become a world famous class skipper and make lots of money teaching students like me every where to skip class! Or not... )

KK thankies ^__^
Current Mood: crazycrazy

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April 9th, 2005

04:36 pm - Cleaning up plot thinking
Alright i added more to the plot so check it out on the info page- Also there are minor chars that might need to have roles filled in for the minor chars if you don't want an OC you can choose a minor role they are

Mana's Aunt
Itsuki's mother
Kaname's sister

i might add more to the list

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01:49 pm
Your name-Brittany
Contact info- fireflystare77@hotmail.com
About you-uber anime dork
Other RPGs-none

Name of Character-Haruna Itsuki
RP example-
I smile all the time, i laugh and act realitivly happy, but i have too. Ive seen too much pain, too many dark things. Ive seen all of our sins. I have to smile because life is precious, and its the only way this pain will stop.

ummm is that ok? *corsses fingers*
oh and ill get an icon and s/n for her if im accepted

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12:42 am - Application: Tsukasa Amou
Yay, Juvy O game! <3

See the app beneath the cutCollapse )

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April 8th, 2005

10:09 pm

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